The Greaves Group co-produces the America’s Digital Schools research projects in conjunction with Jeanne Hayes of the Hayes Connection.  The 2500 largest school districts are the target population for the surveys.

A key differentiator for the America’s Digital Schools surveys is the focus on five year out forecasts.  We believe there is tremendous value in knowing where the industry is going, as opposed to where it has been.

In 2006 the survey was very broad, asking a few questions on many subjects.  Quite a few of the subjects had never been surveyed before.  

The 2008 survey zoomed in on six high interest areas, providing extensive new information for these topics.

Survey summaries are available in the resources section of the web site.

These surveys are available from MDR.  (

In addition to the America’s Digital Schools surveys, the Greaves Group has the expertise to design and implement custom surveys to suit specific client requirements.

Click here to download the ADS2006 Key Findings

Click here to download the ADS2008 Key Findings


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