The Greaves Group assists its clients with a wide range of professional services. Strategic relationships with governors, legislators, industry organizations and key education leaders enables the firm to quickly marshal the right people, contacts and associations to implement compelling, results-driven, cost–effective solutions.

The Greaves Group Client Services

  • Building large-scale sales opportunities
  • Creating powerful strategic partnerships
  • Partnering with top government policy consultants
  • Strategic planning
  • State Level and top 50 marketing and sales plan design and implementation
  • Sales channel management
  • Complex, large dollar value project management
  • Assessing new technology products and product design review
  • Post-implementation support
  • Market Research
  • Hardware, software and professional development planning
  • Design and management of exclusive client events
  • Top-to-bottom design and management of industry trade shows and conferences

The Greaves Group enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding research capabilities and commitment to K-12 education. America’s Digital Schools 2006 and 2008 have become two of the most widely-read research reports by both educators and business leaders. Because of the significance of these reports to the K-12 industry, The Greaves Group has become the acknowledged thought leader in education technology.


The Greaves Group is committed to developing a solid strategic partnership with its clients to help them meet the numerous challenges of a fast-paced, evolving business environment. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality appropriate professional services in the industry by developing innovative, cost-effective, custom tailored solutions to their business challenges.


For many years, The Greaves Group has specialized in working with education technology companies to provide services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. Combined, The Greaves Group partners have worked for more than 25 education technology companies or organizations.


Representatives Clients of The Greaves Group
AMD Lan School
Dell Market Data Research
Fourier Systems Pearson
GoKnow Promethean
HP Quest
IBM SMART Technologies
Intel State of Georgia
K12 Inc. State of California
uBoost SIIA


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