Case Studies

Case Study 1

An entrepreneur  developed a business plan for a compelling new idea.  The Greaves Group was engaged to validate the business plan.    Supposedly the business concept is unique, patentable, never been done before, and a potential many million dollar a year opportunity.

Our plan of action consisted of the following:
  • Research existing products for competition
  • Research the US Patent Office database to see if the concept is really patentable.
  • Organize a focus group of school district technology coordinators and present the concept to them.

The result of the research showed the following:
  • Other entities have developed very similar solutions
  • The proposed patent claims are covered by prior art, and obtaining a patent is not likely
  • The focus group was negative on the concept and projected sales volumes were very small

The Greaves Group presented the data to the client and advised them to keep their day job and not mortgage their home.  

Case Study 2

An established company retained The Greaves Group to develop and implement a sales and marketing program designed to create sales in a geography and customer profile where heretofore there had been limited success.

After analyzing the situation we developed a unique response which employed our network of consultants, a specialized offer, and the use of customized databases.  A critical factor included close coordination with the client’s experienced reseller channel.

The sales program generated a significant number of leads, meeting the client’s expectations.

Case Study 3

A very large company called upon the Greaves Group to organize an all day event at a major conference.  Specific tasks included:
  • Organize the event and program
  • Identify and retain the featured speakers
  • Develop a profile of desired attendees
  • Create a direct mail program to reach the target audience
  • Follow up with a telephone program
  • Manage the speakers
  • Collect information on all attendees
  • Prepare an event summary for client management

The event attendance was larger than predicted, and the results exceeded clients expectations.