The Greaves Group

Our Mission: We provide planning, guidance, and implementation Support to U.S. educational companies and policymakers

The Greaves Group provides a new level of strategic educational consulting in response to our changing times, with services to quickly deliver results while developing strategies for future successes. Because of its wide-ranging expertise, The Greaves Group is uniquely positioned to understand the confluence of factors facing the education community today—issues of technology, legislation, and economics—and identify implications and strategic directions for the future.

The Greaves Group LLC was founded in 2002 by Thomas W. Greaves. The company is a four person partnership including Mr. Greaves, CEO; Brenda Raker, President; and COO; Christine Whelan. These professionals are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise and have far-reaching experience in K-12 education and technology. The Greaves Group partners have over 100 combined years of education technology know-how.

The partnership specializes in anticipating market trends and helping companies develop innovative, cost-effective solutions and strategies. As a diversified professional services firm, The Greaves Group offers a broad range of skills to support projects that build businesses, grow revenues and streamline processes.

Corporations, and state educational clients have chosen The Greaves Group because of its broad industry knowledge, high-level relationships and results-driven, cost effective solutions.



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