Our Team


brendaBrenda Raker, President of The Greaves Group, is a highly skilled strategic planner, project manager and executive leader. Her background and continuing involvement as an educator, administrator and educational technology business leader provide her with critical insights into the requirements for success in the education market.

Brenda has 20 years of experience working with a variety of educational software and hardware companies including Apple Computer and The Learning Company where she held sales management roles. She has also worked with two large systems integration companies, BDM and SAIC, where she provided leadership in strategic planning, marketing and business development.

Brenda's work with a wide variety of companies in several key roles served as a foundation for her successful role as President of Educational Resources, a $70M software distribution company, and CEO of Fourier Systems, Inc. the US subsidiary of a major international hardware manufacturing organization. Her varied work allows her to apply diverse experience and expertise to her consultant clients .

As an industry consultant, Brenda applys her diverse experience and expertise to clients in the areas of strategic planning, executive skills, sales management, marketing, competitive analysis, account development, project planning and management, and business alliances.


christineChristine Whelan, COO of The Greaves Group, has over 20 years experience managing, leading and directing highly successful national [Chris]

and international sales organizations for both large and small educational technology developers, publishers and consumer product companies. With a Masters in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing, Christine is an experienced, entrepreneurial manager who provides clients solid expertise in sales and financial management, strategic planning, business development, and the creation and implementation of long-term sales and marketing strategies.

Chris has broad education market experience leading top-performing sales teams and specializes in building and managing direct and channel organizations. As a professional consultant, she understands the importance of taking appropriate business risks, managing for profitability and working effectively with a company's most important asset - its people. Prior to joining The Greaves Group, Christine founded her own business providing international sales, training and distribution consulting services to educational software publishers and organizations such as Curriculum Advantage, CourseCrafters, The MIND Institute, East Asian Council of Overseas Schools and US Department of Defense schools. Chris has written several articles on teaching English Language Learners and has delivered keynote presentations at educational conferences in the US and Asia.