Our Founder

Thomas W. Greaves

tomGreavesTom Greaves, Chairman of The Greaves Group, is a highly regarded visionary with over 30 years experience in educational technology. As a pioneer of technology in schools, he built a prize-winning mechanical computer in the seventh grade and went on to develop and market a diverse set of innovative products for IBM, including desktop computers, personal science laboratory, curriculum and network management products.

Tom was a leader of IBM's dominance in distributed networking in schools, and later co-founded NetSchools Corporation, which set the standard for comprehensive, high performing 1:1 e-learning solutions in K-12 schools. He has participated in the development of over 100 award winning educational software and hardware products and holds multiple patents and patent disclosures for educational products.

Tom has been the CEO of two educational companies and has served on the boards of many others. He is a well-known keynote speaker and panelist at national and state education conferences, particularly on topics related to the future of technology in education. He is the author of numerous articles and is often quoted on topics related to future educational technology trends and strategic planning.

Tom has worked for over 20 years with school superintendents around the country and has done considerable work at the policy level in public and private meetings with governors, members of Congress, and their staffs. He is widely connected in the educational technology community.